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what i find most interesting about this new kirsten dunst controversy is not just that she contributed to an already ginormous, steaming pile of ~gender norm~ bullshit, but that she unconsciously perpetuates the idea of heteronormativity. 

me, personally? i don’t mind other opinions from my own. if i did, i would be just as conflated and ignorant as those shit starters. i don’t mind that kirsten dunst thinks that femininity is “undervalued” (i don’t really see how it is, especially in the context of working women, like um. how does that undermine femininity? many women work to survive and women who don’t work, may choose not to, and that’s alrighty). but she took it to another level when she said “you need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. that’s how relationships work.” like this is so incredibly problematic ! this argument puts an emphasis on sexual relationships while excluding non-straight, gender-binary-conforming individuals. it’s not just that she expressed an opinion (while saying “sorry” i might add. like how many women say “sorry” for stating an opinion, not because of the opinion itself, but because they feel as though their voices don’t matter), she contributes and perpetuates these archaic rules about gender. 

like i seriously will laugh in anyone’s face if they think women working makes them any less ~feminine~ please. who gives a shit? if everyone just minded their own business rather than thrusting unnecessary, unrealistic, and uncomfortable values onto others, this world might just be a little more tolerable.